Calming Stress & Anxiety with Cannabis?

How Medical Marijuana Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that marijuana has innumerable health benefits? Save for its ability to make you feel “high”, marijuana has components that have shown significant results in easing stress and anxiety. Here is everything you need to know about medical marijuana and its numerous uses.

Medical Marijuana 101

By now, the majority of the population has a firm grasp of what medical cannabis is and their leveling degrees of value it can provide. As a quick refresher, medical marijuana features certain chemicals found in the Cannabis Sativa plant that can treat several health conditions. It has two widely known components; cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These are just two of more than a hundred different cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

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THC and CBD are the main components of medical marijuana. The euphoric sensation experienced after smoking or ingesting marijuana comes from THC. CBD, on the other hand, does not exhibit any addictive or stimulating characteristics.

Does Medical Marijuana Ease Stress and Anxiety?

To many, the thought of medical marijuana REDUCING anxiety may sound contrarian. However, medical marijuana displays tangible benefits when it comes to easing stress and anxiety. Numerous people who have self-diagnosed themselves with these conditions self-medicate medical marijuana. Personally, indulging in cannabis with the proper milligram dosage is the key to decompress and a restful night of sleep.
Commonly reported benefits of marijuana use from the medical marijuana patient community include: increased sense of calm, improved relaxation, better sleep, greater peace of mind and a reduction in symptoms many found unbearable. More specifically, patients commonly report marijuana in particular helps relieve symptoms of agoraphobia social anxiety post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including flashbacks or trauma responses panic disorder phobias sleep disruptions related to anxiety.

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A Washington State University study has examined how cannabis combats stress, anxiety and depression by looking at different strains and quantities of cannabis being inhaled by patients at home.

The results of the study showed that patients inhaling cannabis saw a significant reduction in their adverse feelings with depression symptom being reduced in 89.3% of sessions. However, the study also revealed that the symptoms of depression were exacerbated in a total 3.2% of sessions, and there was no change in 7.5% of sessions. Symptoms of anxiety were reduced in a total of 93.5% of tracked sessions but were exacerbated in 2.1% of sessions, and there was no change in symptoms for 4.4% of sessions. Symptoms of stress were reduced in 93.3% of tracked sessions, increased in 2.7% of sessions, and there was no change in reported levels of stress for 4% of sessions. The study also compared the impact of cannabis on these symptoms between the sexes and found that women perceived a greater reduction in symptoms of anxiety than men did.

Now there are reliable health facilities, cannabis physician clinics and state-of-the-art dispensaries where you can get professional help with medical marijuana. We highly (pun intended) recommend adopting medical marijuana to help you deal with anxiety and stress which impacts all of us in some capacity on a daily basis. We at Missouri Green Team are here to help provide the guidance and legal marijuana recommendation for residents to gain access to medical cannabis at any dispensary throughout the state!

Best Marijuana Strains for Stress & Anxiety

Not all cannabis is created equal. In fact, there are different strains of cannabis that produce different effects, making some strains better for certain conditions than others. Most dispensaries in Missouri will have a pharmacist on staff who’ll be exceptionally knowledgeable in understanding your conditions while being prescriptive on strain suggestions.

At minimum, all dispensary budtenders know their product inside and out and thus will be able to educate you thoroughly. Based on our patient community feedback mapped to reviews from Leafly and aforementioned pharmacists, here’s a list of best cannabis strains to combat stress and anxiety:

Girl Scout Cookies
GSC, originally known as the Girl Scout Cookies strain, is composed of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It is known for promoting relaxation and happiness. This strain has been able to elevate THC levels to 25% to 28%, so a little goes a long way. Patients consider this strain as one of the best marijuana strains for stress and anxiety because it relieves stress and physical pain and also aids with depression.

Granddaddy Purple
Granddaddy Purple, commonly known as GDP, is a mix of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, inheriting a complex grape and berry flavor. This strain helps multiple conditions, such as pain, stress, muscle spasms, and insomnia, and is ideal for generating a peaceful calm throughout the entire body. ‘Cottonmouth’ has been reported as a side effect so be sure to chug your water!

Jack Herer
Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has an appealing orange-lemon scent and taste with a hint of pine. This strain provides an excellent balance between cerebral and physical effects, promoting deep relaxation.

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel (“Sour D”) is another Sativa-dominant strain that is all about mental stimulation, making it one of the best marijuana strains for stress and anxiety. This strain has fast-acting effects that not only energize but also induce a “dreamy” feeling. Consumers say that Sour D has a lemon/lime taste, hence where the “sour” term in the name originates from. Some great effects of this strain include: mental stimulation, positivity, and mindfulness.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream is one of the most common and most popular strains available so naturally its a fan favorite! This California-originated strain has a sweet, earthy, and berry aroma. Blue Dream is used to help with stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and concentration.

OG Kush
The OG Kush strain is a reliable strain for those who are looking for stress relief. This strain produces a euphoric feeling and can help reduce stress, anxiety, and help with depression. Some have even reported relief from headaches and migraines with this strain as well. The OG Kush cannabis strain has a woody, earthy taste and a unique aroma with notes of pine and a hint of sour lemon.

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Medical Marijuana Side Effects

Medical marijuana can help control stress and anxiety. However, over-dependence on the drug can lead to increased anxiety and even addiction. You may begin to experience short-term memory loss with the unregulated use of medical marijuana. Fear not, cannabis has never been the cause of a single overdose in the history of the plant. We simply advise you to be mindful with your consumption while finding the optimized dosage which propels your to feeling your best!

Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana has numerous health benefits. That being said, it is not advisable to self-medicate without thoroughly understanding how to maximize the benefits of medical cannabis to treat your condition or symptom. That is why you need a Missouri medical marijuana recommendation that allows you to purchase medical cannabis (medicine) from a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary of your choice. Visit to get started.

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