Pandemic Anxiety Leads to Sudden Surge in Cannabis Use

Many people have lost their jobs due to the current pandemic. The rate of anxiety is high. People are losing hope since there is no end to these problems in sight. Due to Cannabis being an anxiety reliever, a lot of people have turned to it for relief. The anxiety rate has doubled since the pandemic, and people are rushing to a medical cannabis doctor to obtain a medical cannabis card. Cannabis is helping people go through days full of anxiety, thus the sudden surge in its use.

Covid-19 Is Helping Kill The Stigma of Cannabis

Not a lot of people were fine with the consumption of Cannabis. But due to the increasing rate of the pandemic and economic wreckage, more people are getting anxious and turning to Cannabis to ease their minds. People are getting to know that Cannabis may not be addictive. Since the start of quarantine in April, doctors in almost every state in America have noticed a large increase of patients requesting medical Cannabis to help them battle anxiety.

States where there is an increase in Covid-19 cases, seem to have a higher rate in the use of Cannabis. It is understandable since people go through a lot of stress due to financial distress after a job loss, working from home, and layoffs. Medical cannabis dispensaries in some states like Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona and Florida have stayed open after being designated as essential services by their governors’. After the pandemic in these states, the sudden rise of sales was not seen, with individual companies like Trulieve Cannabis Corp, opening more dispensaries and being pushed to raise their price target.


Missouri has been getting 2000 patients per week during the pandemic, but existing patients drove the sales before the pandemic. Due to this surge, companies are rushing to create cannabis technologies that may help with fighting Covid-19 while ensuring patients have access to essential medical marijuana. Several companies associated with Cannabis have put out several ideas that could potentially help in combating the pandemic. Cannabis companies are being allowed to use PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machines to test for Covid-19. This is an inexpensive, fast and efficient way to test for the virus, offering capabilities such as getting results in just a few hours. These machines are used extensively by cannabis producers to identify pathogens and harmful bacteria on the plant.

Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program Accelerated During Covid-19

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Cannabis broke barriers in 2020 due in part to COVID-19 when US state governments deemed marijuana as “essential” forcing the cannabis industry to mature quickly. Missouri was no exception. With 370 licensed cannabis operations covering manufacturing, cultivation, dispensaries and testing labs, companies were thrusted into action as quickly as possible to service the burgeoning Missouri medical marijuana community while meeting stringent program deadlines and regulations to avoid having licenses revoked.


To date, there’s now 60 operational medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Missouri where patients can purchase medicine. The cannabis supply chain is certainly growing as there’s now 17 cultivators growing plants. 8 manufacturers turning plants into products, 8 transporters distributing products to the dispensaries throughout the state and 4 testing labs ensuring top-notch products free of any pesticides or contaminants. As of February 2021, the Missouri Medical Marijuana program has approximately 110,000 patients which equates to ~1.8% of the state’s total population.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Certification

Marijuana can only benefit society in these trying and depressing times. Being approved for your Missouri Medical Marijuana recommendation is VERY easy and it’s highly likely YOU qualify!

We are here to help you start your medical marijuana journey in just a few steps. All you need to do is fill a short online form, attend your online medical marijuana consultation and submit your recommendation to th eMissouri Department of Health and Senior Services and you’ll be on your way to the dispensary! A doctor will review all your files and connect with you on a telemedicine virtual call at your scheduled time. All the information you may need to know about registration will be on the intake form. Anything else you may need to know about our services is on our website. Go shopping and start feeling better. #HappyHealing


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