We are Missouri Green Team & cannot wait to support your healing journey!

Medical Marijuana has finally arrived! Cultivators are growing beautiful flower strains, processors are creating awesome products, testing labs are ensuring the highest quality and dispensaries are opening up on a weekly basis! The MMJ program in Missouri is just getting started yet patient adoption has been impressive to date.

The opioid epidemic has run rampant and we believe medical marijuana is a safe, all-natural alternative to treat a myriad of symptoms for the greater good!

We’re a coalition of local physicians in Missouri with a combined experience of 80+ years practicing medicine. Given our volunteering and charitable efforts, MGT doctors are highly respected throughout the community.   The founders of MGT are early pioneers of the medical cannabis industry having been involved in technology innovations in California and dispensaries in Michigan, Colorado and Oregon.  

Collectively, this all-star group of medical practitioners and business leaders partnered together for one mission: stop the opioid crisis in Missouri!

Meet Dr. Bernard Miller; Missouri Green Team’s (MGT) Head Physician! He is known by patients as a kind, caring and compassionate physician who listens to their concerns and is responsive to their needs.  Dr Bernard is a clinical and translational physician-scientist, fully trained in Internal Medicine. He has conducted clinical research and practiced weight management medicine for 20 years.

During his career, Dr. Bernard has worked within the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine investigating obesity-related metabolic complications of Cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Dr Bernard conducted his undergrad studies at Princeton and completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the University of Michigan.

On June 8th, we were thrilled to welcome our first patient. Since then, we’ve helped over 2000+ gain access to medical marijuana through a certified physicians recommendation!

We look forward to serving all Missourians gain access to a healthy, safe and all-natural alternative medicine known as cannabis! Let’s build the community and tackle this issue together!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook 🙂

Interested in receiving your Missouri Medical Marijuana Recommendation? No appointments necessary and all evaluations are conducted virtually via Telemedicine! Visit MissouriGreenTeam.com anytime to get started!

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