Medical Marijuana Supports Pain Relief

Medical Cannabis For Pain Relief Almost everybody resorts to pharmaceutical painkillers when in pain. Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic has run rampant. At Missouri Green Team, our entire mission is to combat the opioid epidemic while marching to the mantra of #NoMorePills. Recent research indicates natural pain relievers, like Medical Marijuana, can give us the same […]

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Calming Stress & Anxiety with Cannabis?

How Medical Marijuana Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety Did you know that marijuana has innumerable health benefits? Save for its ability to make you feel “high”, marijuana has components that have shown significant results in easing stress and anxiety. Here is everything you need to know about medical marijuana and its numerous uses. Medical Marijuana […]

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Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

According to many medical cannabis doctors, marijuana has a lot of health benefits. Besides the many medicinal uses of marijuana that have been discovered, there are still many benefits that are yet to be discovered. cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are some of the psychoactive compounds found in Cannabis. These two substances can be extracted […]

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We are Missouri Green Team & cannot wait to support your healing journey!

Medical Marijuana has finally arrived! Cultivators are growing beautiful flower strains, processors are creating awesome products, testing labs are ensuring the highest quality and dispensaries are opening up on a weekly basis! The MMJ program in Missouri is just getting started yet patient adoption has been impressive to date. The opioid epidemic has run rampant […]

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